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We want to help you amplify your impact through healthy habits.  Our ultimate goal is not to just shape your body, but to shape enduring health positive behaviors that keep you well through the years even when we’re gone.  We offer mobile private and semi-private personal training in the Los Angeles area. Our process is anchored in functional fitness, conscious eating, positive behavior change, and real relationships.   So how does it work?

The Movemo Method

  1. Understanding You – Our first step focuses on figuring out what you truly want out of the working relationship. From health history to lifestyle aspirations we’re focused on uncovering what drives you to live well and do good.
  2. Assessment – Assessment is about getting a better understanding of where you currently are in your health and fitness so we can design a plan that escalates you at the right pace and in the right way.
  3. Blueprint – We create a customized blueprint from start to finish so you know how we get from where you are today to where you want to be.
  4. Fundamentals – Fundamentals liberate you to train yourself for life. This is a main tenet of ours, so we prioritize teaching you the fundmental enduring principles of true health and wellness.
  5. Activate – Once we have the fundamentals down, we switch to focusing more on the specifics of your plan including variations on workouts and action steps that relate to you and your goals.  We activate you through human powered wellness coaching & smart use of technology to deliver the right amount of information, motivation and accountability at the right time.
  6. Measure – We measure your progress every few weeks in order to make the proper adjustments.
  7. Test & Transition – At the end of the program we test to see if you have the proper tools and knowledge to become your own wellness designer.  We test to see how much you have progressed and give you everything else you may need to never need us again (though we’ll always be happy to help even after the program is finished).

So How Is Movemo Different?

  1. Not Just Fitness – We promote a cluster of healthy behaviors that includes physical fitness, behavior change, good food relationships, and social connection.
  2. Emphasis On Fundamentals – We focus on the fundamentals so we can liberate you to become your own wellness designers.  You’ll be able to design your own workouts, eat healthy, surround yourself with the right people, and shape your environments to promote health.
  3. Mobile Training & Smart Use Of Technology – We train in parks, beaches, urban landscapes, and backyards anywhere that gets us out of the gym and into the outdoors. We utilize technology to communicate with our clients and by eschewing gyms we keep overhead low allowing us to focus on serving our clients.
  4. Unique Fitness Protocols and Equipment – We use unique fitness techniques, and equipment to build strong enduring bodies. You’ll lift sandbags, use suspension trainers, toss medicine balls, push cars, and sprint up hills.
  5. Dedicated To Creating Shared Value – Movemo is committed to helping increase the positive impact of remarkable people and thus the overall positive impact in the world through health and fitness. Giving is at the core of what we do, and we’re committed to coming up with creative ways to create positive change.

What People Are Saying

I’ve been training with Kevin for over a year and he has helped me lose over 35 lbs and have maintained to keep it off. He’s helped me develop a habit of going to the gym a few times a week and been able to teach me not what to eat but how to eat. He’ll also recommend good recipes, teach you how to navigate the grocery store and make the right food choices. It’s more than just going to the gym and eating right, its his healthy lifestyle that I’ve adopted. Through his program I’ve been more productive, creative at work and now have a lot more energy throughout the day. – Raney Balbuena, Co-Founder/Director of Sales & Marketing, Acrylick

I highly recommend working with Kevin! I was a part of his bootcamp. He’s really nice and a comforting personality, but still knows how to push you to your limits! He gives great nutrition advice as well. He has a great attitude towards body image — it’s about being healthy and looking and feeling your best. He’s great! – Laura Weidman Powers, VP of Product, Border Stylo

Movemo was not only challenging, fun, and results-driven, but taking classes with Kevin really taught me about how to achieve a functional fitness level which has prepared me for all of my endeavors.  Each session was different and challenging, but no matter how hard it was, Kevin was such a great motivator and really encouraged us to push ourselves. And with great results! I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and because of the great sessions with Movemo – Whitney Alexander, Content Advisor/Community Manager, Very Short List 

I can definitely recommend Movemo Fitness.  After a couple weeks I already started building up better core strength.   Having set times for work out got me into a nice routine and I really enjoyed starting the day outside in the park (we always worked out at Griffith Park). Every work out is different: sometimes it involves more power, sometimes the focus is more on cardio but  they always design the work around you.  – Mirta Gilson, Partnership Manager/Strategy, GOOD Inc.

Should I Do This?

Do you kick ass at work but feel held back by your health and fitness?  Do you wish you could establish a habit of exercising and eating well? Do you finally want to take control of you well-being so you can look forward to the rest of your day?  We can help.  Here’s what we suggest, join us for 2 free trial sessions where we’ll work together and see if there is a fit. If at the end you find we’re not a good fit, at least you have learned a lot about your health and fitness. If you’re interested please click the button below to be sent to our contact page for our email and phone number so you contact us for full details.

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