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In this week’s mo.links we have articles on preventing shoulder injuries, how to improve your deadlift and how to uplift yourself from the difficult pursuit of happiness.
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This Week’s Links

10 Ways to Avoid a Shoulder Injury – Your anterior and posterior deltoids are involved with numerous joint exercises involving the shoulders, chest and back.  Knowing how to prevent injury in these areas is critical to ensuring you are making steady progresses in your workouts and strength gains.  These are some really helpful tips so we highly encourage the read.

Deadlift 911 – One of the greatest exercises to build on core and lower body strength.  It’s a very technical exercise that requires lots of time and practice to get right.  Tony does a great job on providing helpful tips to think about during exercise to correct form, waist trainingtraining and faulty technique.

The Last Acceptable Prejudice in America – Our perspective and opinions on health, body image and obesity can sometimes be skewed, flawed and just plain wrong.  Take a look at this doctor’s opinion on an obesity issue that took the national stage just a couple weeks ago.
Help! My Significant Other Doesn’t Want to Get Healthy – Whoa!  So what’s cooler than reading an article on how to help you special someone live healthier as you work towards similar health goals?  Answer: reading an article that explains that using Inception analogies.  Awesome.  Thanks NerdFitness!

Top rated Spin Bikes : Found out this great guide to buying a spin bike for your home gym.

Don’t Let the Pursuit of Happiness Keep You Down – ” So, having bought into this notion of the Dream, we work infinite hours and commute far distances just so we can afford the lifestyle we see in magazine and tv ads — hoping to find happiness. Only, we haven’t. And worse — we’re not even sure how to.”  Read more…

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How Exercise Ruined My Body


I can’t tell you how many times my muscles and joints have sprained, torn, dislocated, stiffened and ached — all in the name of exercise.  Sure, I know many of my injuries are part of the risks of contact sports like wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, but many of them weren’t.  Most of them were actually injuries that wrecked my body after routine runs and lifting sessions at the gym. In the past I would take a week or two off, heal up and jump back into training, but I noticed that a couple months down the line, I would fall into the same types of injuries. This is when I realized, there was something seriously wrong with the way I was approaching my health and fitness.

I’ve seen and heard it several times (myself included) where the injured client says “I hurt myself while [XYZ] training and so I’ll have to take a break before I can go back at it.” The problem with this statement is that often times, this is exactly where the train of thought ends. You get injured while training or exercising and that’s life. Rest up, heal up, tough it out and then get back to training. Simple right? Sadly, no. What if instead of that simple injured, rest, heal and back to training formula, people took it a step further and asked “is there something wrong with my training that led to my injury?” Or how about “is the way I’ve learned to exercise and move ruining my body?”

Many people associate their injuries with some uncontrollable bad event that happened with their training, but not many enough associate their injuries with consistent and improper form that has been occurring throughout their training and day to day movements.

Do your knees hurt after long runs? Does your lower back ache after deadlifts and squats? Do you have neck pain after shoulder exercises? All of these issues can be prevented with learning and relearning  proper fundamentals in biomechanics and exercise form.

What to do next?

(1) Think about the last time you had an injury or pain after exercise and reevaluate whether it was caused by a random unfortunate event, or if it could have been prevented with better exercise form and training

(2) Continue reading future movemo posts along better mobility and injury prevention training

(3) Check out Kelly Starrett’s new book, Becoming a Supple Leopard

Tips for the next blog installation on better mobility and injury prevention during exercise: Midline Stabilization

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Movemo Challenge: Fit For Love


Photo Credits : Destination Photographers CandidTales

Movemo fans, meet Zara and Jonathan.  Rarely, do I ever highlight friends and family, but their Fit for Love story was too good not to share.  A couple months ago, they asked if I could help them with some fitness tips before their wedding in November (congrats again!).  Immediately I thought they were asking for tips to lose weight and get leaner before the big day.  I was blown away by their request, because instead of asking for some fitness tips for their own personal health, they asked if I could share tips to improve the health and fitness of those they cared most about – their friends and family.

Cheers to Fit for Love – a series of quick fitness exercises that Jonathan and Zara’s friends and family can try out to improve their health, energy and fitness before the big day.  Dare to move more and dare to love.

Movemo Challenge: Fit for Love Part 1

Shoulder Taps

Position yourself on the floor in a push up position.  Keep your core tight and try your hardest not to sag your hips or arch your lower back.  Envision your head, back and hips creating a perfect line.  Once you’ve achieved this plank position start moving and shifting side to side as you keep one arm posted lift the other to tap your shoulder.  Continue these shoulder taps for 10 to 20 reps.  This exercise will help strengthen your core as well as your triceps and deltoid muscles in your arms and shoulders.

Squat Thrusts

Keeping yourself in plank position, now switch more of a lower body exercise as you keep both your arms planted and push off both feet and thrusting them forward to about the same position as your hips.  Perform a mini-squat then immediately push back off and extend your feet back into the full plank position.


This exercise is a little tougher and requires a bit more core strength, but it is a create exercise for working out your upper and lower abdominals.  Laying on your back fully extended, raise your upper torso and legs simultaneously and use your hands to tap your feet or ankles.  Make sure your arms and feet meet halfway (don’t cheat and raise your legs 80% of the way so your upper torso only has to raise 20%) to make the most out of this exercise.

Movemo Challenge: Fit for Love Part 2

Exercises (Level 1)

Torso Elevated Plank

Using a bench or elevated step, get into a plank position with your face faced down and your weight resting on your forearms and toes.  Keep your back of the head, back, hips and leg as straight as you can and hold that position for 10-20 seconds.  By elevating your upper torso on a bench or step, it makes the exercise easier, allowing you to build strength and endurance until you’re ready to take it up a notch.

Bulgarian Split Squat

This is a split squat, only with your rear foot elevated on a bench or step.  Lifting your rear foot higher increases the range of motion, which makes the exercise a little tougher than a traditional split squat.  Try 10 of these on each leg for a total of 20 split squats.

Dumbbell Push Press

Grab a pair of dumbbells and stand holding them at your sides of your shoulders.  Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed forward, knees unlocked.  Push your hips back slightly and then snap your hips forward.  Use the momentum of your hips to push the weights up and off your shoulders straight above your head.  Lower the weights and go right into the next repetition.

Exercises (Level 2)

Exploding Plank Push Ups (Torso Elevated & Lower Body Elevated)

From a plank position, slightly lower your body then push off, explode and get some air time.  Brace your arms and chest for impact as your reset and continue to perform exploding push ups.  Perform this 5-10 times.

Jumping Bulgarian Split Squats

Adding a bit of dynamic action, from the single squat position, push off and explode into a jumping split squat.  Perform this 5-10 times on each leg and switch.

Dumbbell Cleans to Push Presses

Start from a full squat position with the dumbbells resting on the ground.  Keeping your back straight, lift up from the squat while holding onto the dumbbells.  At the top of the motion, load the dumbbells to your shoulders and perform a push press just as before.  Repeat 5-10 times.

Movemo Challenge: Fit for Love Part 3


Lay on your back with legs fully extened and place both hands on your thighs.  Using your stomach and core strength try sitting up while sliding your hands from your thighs all the way toward your ankles (or top of your feet if you can reach that far).  Perform ten of these.

Arnold Press:

Load both dumbbells onto your shoulders, press the dumbbells up and above your head and then lower them down until your arm makes a 90 degree angle.  Once lowered, rotate your arms inward to the middle of your chest and try and clap the dumbbells together.  Then bring them apart, load the dumbbells straight with your shoulders again and perform the press. Perform 5-10.

Side lunge to inverted lunge:

Reciprocate between side and inverted lunges. When performing a side lunge, make sure to keep your back straight and core tight. Try to lunge and lower to where the top of your thigh becomes parallel to the floor. Repeat 5-10 times per leg then switch.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please email Matt at  That’s it for now.  Please stay tuned for next month’s installment of Fit for Love Part 3.

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Fit For Foster Care – A Movemo Fundraiser For New Yorkers For Children


Two years ago, movemo was founded to help others move more and stay healthy so they can continue to move the world.  We’re still working our butts off to make sure that happens, one small victory at a time .

From February to March, Movemo Fitness partnered with New Yorkers for Children. Can you imagine growing up without a parent or guardian’s love or guidance? The majority of us are fortunate  to have that support, but a small percentage of the nation’s children don’t even have one parent or guardian to guide them. That percentage translates to thousands of homeless and uncared for children. Thanks to child advocate communities like New Yorkers for Children they provide the care and even the resources for these children to be able citizens. It is also ensured that kids get a nice little present and lots of wishes on their birthday.

Through our partnership, we offered fitness classes at JKM Fitness Studio and gave our friends, family and community a great reason to stay fit and make an impact in the lives of New York’s foster children.  The proceeds we collected from our fitness classes went to programs implemented by New Yorker’s for Children.  These programs open the door for foster children to have the opportunities that any other child would have access to.  After teaching eight fitness classes and helping 70+ friends and family become a little fitter, we fund raised nearly $600 for New Yorkers for Children.

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Partner Core Exercises


These days I find myself frequently working out with a friend or two at the gym.  Not only does it make it more fun but working out with a partner can open your workout to more challenging exercises, especially your core.  Here are a few different core exercises that you can do with a partner.

Partner Leg Lift Pushes

Lie on the ground with arms and legs fully extended.  Using a dumbbell weight overhead as an anchor, grab on as you lift your legs straight up.  At the top of the leg lift the partner that’s standing will catch the top of your feet or ankles and push them back down.  Resist to keep your feet from touching the ground and lift back up to repeat.

Leg Lift Hip Ups


Similar to the leg lift pushes, grab onto the dumbbell weight as an anchor and raise your legs straight up.  At the end of the leg lift, concentrate on lifting up your hips a couple inches off the ground as your shoes

Catch and Throw Sit-Ups

Sitting on the ground in a sit-up position, anchor your feet underneath a weight or set of dumbbells.  Your other partner sits 3-4 feet away and tosses a medicine ball at you.  Catch the ball and sit back and up resisting the momentum of the medicine ball.  Once you’ve sat back up push throw the ball back to your partner and repeat.

Medicine Ball Side to Side Sit-ups

Again in a sit-up position, perform side to side sit-ups as your partner hands off to you a medicine ball.  Alternate between body weight sit-ups and weighted sit-ups to add some extra pressure on your rotary core.

Those are a few for now.  Try them out with a friend and let us know what you think.  And thanks to Mansour Jammal for being such a great training partner!

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My Love Affair…With Fitness


(Photo above: P.S. We’ve been bicep kissing WAY before Kaepernicking…)

Your eyes meet. They flash that smile. You feel your heart race.

Remember your first crush? Remember the spark of adrenaline when you were with them? Remember the way you wanted to know everything about them? The way you couldn’t wait to talk to them? The way you wanted to spend everyday with them? Yeah, you do.

There is this ingrained formula we tend to follow when creating relationships. The initial introduction. The excitement of meeting someone new. The general enjoyment of being in their presence. The continual involvement to be in their presence. Finally, you get to the point where they begin to be part of your everyday life.

When we like someone, it’s human nature to want to know everything and anything about them. When we enjoy our time with someone we try to incorporate them in all that we do. The relationship then becomes hard to hide and the want to share how awesome they are and how awesome you feel when you’re with them becomes the hot topic in every conversation.

I found this same formula apparent in my “relationship” with fitness.

Yeah, you can say it. I had a fitness love affair.

I met fitness during an enlightening part of my life. I was rediscovering myself and exploring different avenues to channel my energy. Fitness was there to comfort me. The more I involved myself with fitness the more I realized small changes in the way I perceived and lived my life. I was happier, more energetic and motivated to take on challenges.

However,  most people enter their fitness relationship skipping the general enjoyment part. They often associate fitness as this obligation they have to do in order to live a certain life or look a certain way. We read magazines and blogs about how fitness is a lifestyle. And in order for fitness to become part of our “lifestyle”, we need to incorporate it into our everyday routine. I guess this is the part where fitness becomes a little daunting. Just like any other, commitment is often the telling factor of a relationship’s endurance. And to most, the thought of measuring our commitment is a bit scary. Will I be good enough? Can I actually do this? Will I be really happy? Am I doing this for the right reasons?

For me, my commitment to fitness was found through the discovery of self worth. I realized that when my body was healthy I was healthy. So making the commitment to fitness came naturally. Now I realize that’s not the case for everyone. But if we take a step back and truely ask ourselves what commitment to fitness means to us, what it stands for in our lives, then we can begin aligning our fitness goals to our lifestyle.

Guest Post Submitted by Michelle Dela Cru

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The 2-Minute Movemo Circuit Challenge


Here’s a quick 2 minute circuit for all you amazing people on the go and working hard to move the world.  Cycle through the circuit 4-5 times with 1 minutes rest.  Couple it with a quick 10-20 minute run and you got yourself a short 30 minute workout.  Enjoy!

The 2-Minute Movemo Circuit Challenge

1)      10 Bunny Hops – Short and quick.  Squat down to the ground and make some quick hops to stretch and work out your calves.

2)      10 Jump Squats – Immediately progress from the bunny hops to the jump squats.  Try to jump as high as you can while lowering yourself down to where your knee joint just breaks a 90 degree angle.  Don’t forget to keep a neutral back (don’t flex or over extend your spine!) and tight stomach. (Muscle group: glutes and quadriceps)

3)      10 Front Plate Lifts – If you have a dumbbell or weighted plates, grab them and pull them straight up.  Keep your back neutral and arms straight.  Try not to use your hips and legs for momentum to swing the weight up.  (Muscle group: anterior deltoid, biceps)

4)      10 Overhead Presses – With the same weight immediately progress to an overhead press by pushing the weight straight over head ten times.  Again try not to use your hips and legs for momentum – this one should really start getting your arms tired.  (Muscle group: deltoids and biceps)

5)      10 Weighted Leg Lifts – Using the same weight, transition to a lying position on the floor or a flat bench.  Keep the weight posted above your chest while you pull your legs up for straight leg lifts.  At the end of each lift, try lifting your hips a couple inches off the ground for some extra flexion (Muscle group: quadriceps and abdominals)

6)      10 Planking Side Knee Highs – Place the weight to the side and get into a planking position.  Remember to keep you back and neck neutral (the back of your heads and your back should form a straight line).  Switch off from side to side as you lift one knee sideways to your torso as high as you can get.  (Muscle group: external obliques)


This is a complex circuit so each exercise should transition immediately after one another.  Try this out and let us know what you think!

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How Can We Help You Move More And Move The World In 2013?


So the team at movemo have come back from a long break and we’re ready to get 2013 rolling!  Last year, we worked our butts off researching and writing for you to help create fitness ideas, methods and principles that were effective, enduring and empowering.  In addition to our blog, we also contributed our writing and ideas to RedBook, Under30CEO, Ideamensch, Pick The Brain, TeachersatRisk, GovLoop,SheKnows, Nurse Talk Radio, Health Magazine, and the Huffington Post.

We want to do more and would love to hear from you on how we can do that.

But first, let’s recap on a short list of some our greatest articles from last year:

Eating Well

  • 35 Ways to Eat More Vegetables
  • Green Smoothies Infographic
  • Infographic: Which Dietary Supplements are Worth Taking?
  • 10 Simple Kitchen Hacks
  • Korean Zucchini Pancakes
  • Eating Healthy in an Unhealthy World
Moving More
  • The 7 Basic Human Movements
  • 4 Essentials for Strengthening Your Core
  • 10 Things I didn’t Know About Gyms
  • 3 Misleading Fitness Phrases I Wished We Stopped Using
  • How To Strengthen Your Core Even More
  • Lifts for Stronger Butt, Hips and Legs
  • Why the Fitness Industry is Failing You
  • The Hierarchy of Fat Loss
Moving More to Move the World
  • The NYC Bridge Challenge Movemo Fundraiser
  • Kickboxing for Rural Kids
  • 50 Inspiring Health and Fitness Quotes
  • How to Create a Habit
  • Why I’m Committed to Health and Fitness

Even with all this material on improving your fitness so you can change the world, we still don’t think we’ve done enough.  We’re committed to you, our amazing friends, family and co-workers and so we’d like to know what else you would like to learn about fitness and health in 2013.  We know there’s so much more to learn and we’re all about sharing more knowledge with those who are moving our world forward everyday.  Let us know and we’ll get started on researching, writing and even making new fitness videos for you.  Leave us your comments below, facebook us or even email Kevin and I at or

Thanks for being such great fans and readers of our work and cheers to a daring 2013!  Move more, and more the world!

-Kevin & Matt

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Mo.Links – The Must Read Health & Fitness Resources This Week


In this week’s mo.links we have articles on glute workouts, video game work outs (yea that’s right!), helpful fitness gift buying tips and more.


This Week’s Links

Burn Off that Pie – Stair Workout
Looking for a new workout that you can do in your apartment building without going to the gym?  Here’s an intense stair workout from Art of Manliness.  Try this one out if your short on time, want to build on your butt and glutes, too cold to workout outside or all of the above.

How to Buy Fitness Gifts without Getting them Mad
I’m all about giving the gift of fitness to friends and family over the holidays, but sometimes it can be a little tricky because you don’t want them to get angry.  Fortunately, there are folks like Lisa Johnson that have thought this through and have had good experience with fitness gift giving.

The Greatest Workout Ever Created
Okay, so I won’t claim it was THE best workout ever created, but it certainly seems like the best nerd and video gamer workout every created.  Nerd Fitness has just taken one of the all-time classic video game cheat codes and created an simply body weight workout.  Try it out and re-live your nerdy childhood while integrating it with a life of fitness and exercise.  Kudos Nerd Fitness – kudos!

Gluten Explained
Over the past couple years I’ve been seeing more and more gluten-free products but never understood what it was and why so many people’s body reacted poorly against gluten in their diet.  This quick summary from Better Health Innovations helps break it down.  For example, did you know that about 1 in a 100 people have celiac disease which reject gluten in their intestine?

Keiser M3 plus

Want to really amp up your daily cardio workout? Keiser M3 Plus is our top recommendation. It’s a beast when it comes to indoor exercise bikes.

9 Ways to Do Cardio
…That suck slightly less than most forms of cardio.  Hey, I didn’t choose the title but it’s a great read on different choices to work on your cardiovascular health.  You don’t always have to run on a treadmill or go for an hour long run to get a good cardio workout.  Check out this list compiled by John Romanielo.  I integrate a few of these in my weekly workouts and they definitely keep me balanced while diversifying my workout routine.

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Finding Fitness Enlightenment In Mud In New Jersey

I know right? Fitness, enlightenment, mud and New Jersey – who would have thought those words would ever go together in a sentence!

In the past year I’ve participated in two mud races, the Warrior’s Dash in Northern California and the Tri-State Tough Mudder in New Jersey.  Honestly, I didn’t really know what I was getting into.  The idea of them sounded fun and living in NYC, I rarely get to do exercise training in the outdoors. And this last Tough Mudder was definitely fun and crazy!  Climbing up 20 feet mud hills, holding on for dear life swinging on slippery monkey bars above pools of freezing water, even crawling through swamps of mud as electrical wires are dangling above you?!  I learned a couple life lessons through this past race: the first being that your body is always stronger than you think it is and most importantly, that mud races build community and a pathway to fitness enlightenment.

So here I was hanging out with 6 co-workers running 13 miles through mud while toughing through 20 plus obstacles.  Little did I know that after 4 hours of grueling exercise, I would have a new handful of friends I could call brothers and have my faith restored in humanity.


(Team Gee Whiz .. with Hand of Saruman Faces)

I’ll be honest, part of me thought that I could rely on my individual skills and training to get through the obstacles, but I was quickly proven wrong.  I can’t tell you how many mud hills I tried climbing on my own, just to slip and fall back down or the number of walls that were too high for me to climb.  However, any doubts of failing these obstacles were quickly put aside when I realized my friends were there to help lift me up, lay down and create a chain of bodies to climb a mud hill or even carry me on their back for 50 yards.  So many times I climbed up walls and mud hills only to find that there was a random stranger waiting at the other side cheering me on, helping me back down or grabbing my arm to support me before I fell.


(I was serious, my friend Charlie literally carried me on his back for 50 yards!)

And then I thought, what if exercise and fitness could always be this way.  Some folks have found free, creative and consistent ways to work out and stay healthy with friends and loved ones.  However, for most folks this just isn’t a reality.  Instead many, including myself, have accepted the reality of paying $100-200 for elite gym/training memberships or paying for a gym whose lackluster services do nothing to motivate you into better health.  I’ve got to believe that there is a better solution out there that can get the majority of people invested in building communities and a society of better health, fitness and wellness.  When we figure it out it’ll truly be a day of enlightening fitness.

Look out for our next post: Moving the World with Fitness.

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