Take Care Of Your Body With Stead Fast Fidelity. The Soul Must See Through These Eyes Alone, And If They Are Dim, The Whole World Is Clouded. ~ Goethe

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite to doing amazing work. We’ve seen so many people we admire from social entrepreneurs, to non-profiteers, to educators put so much into their work that they have nothing left to give themselves. So we set out to help these people get refocused on taking care of themselves so they can continue to serve others more effectively.  We deeply believe that living well grants us the freedom to do more good in the world.

Our mission is to increase the ability of impact professionals to create positive change. We do this by designing health and fitness initiatives for the people who move our world forward.  We amplify good by helping these remarkable people move more, eat better, and establish healthier habits.

Our system is based on enduring, meaningful and authentic principles that help you not only shape a strong body but also health positive behaviors that last you a lifetime.

Functional Fitness – We keep it simple, functional, and varied with a DIY twist.  True physical fitness is about being able to build a body that can meet any challenge you throw at it, and that’s exactly what we do.
Conscious Eating – We are not big fans of any diet and believe that eating isn’t something we do just for results but a way in which to nourish our mind, body and spirit.  We focus on aligning eating with personal value systems, health and happiness.
Behavior Change – We focus on teaching the basics behind the best research in behavior change. We think knowing how to initiate and habituate a healthy behavior is an important key to living well.
Real Relationships – Health happens between people.  We show you the basic principles behind getting the right people on board so you can keep moving forward and stay healthy for a lifetime. 

Our Values

  • Enduring – We don’t chase short-term solutions. We value long term sustainable changes over short term ones.
  • Meaning – We believe that health and fitness needs to be purposeful. Meaning is about what health and fitness allows you to do for yourself and for others.
  • Authentic – Wellness shouldn’t be a one size fits all ordeal. The things you choose to do should be authentic to you and time tested.
  • Clarity – We all live in a miasma of misinformation and fear mongering around living well. Curating and teaching what’s important instead of what’s new or trendy is what we’re all about.
  • Shared Value – We are committed to increasing the overall positive change in the world for people and the planet. We aren’t aiming to extract value but to create it and share it with others freely.
  • Shape Behavior – We don’t just shape bodies, we also shape long-term habits. Health positive behaviors help us stay healthy for the rest of our lives, so we focus on building them.
  • Be Human – We’re focused on making our experience as human as possible. We want to make those we work with better off in human terms, healthier & happier.

The Men Behind Movemo,

Kevin Asuncion – An entrepreneur, certified personal trainer, and changemaker, Kevin believes that a healthy lifestyle is the foundation to doing awe-inspiring things. Over the years, he’s seen too many people work themselves into the ground for their cause leaving very little for themselves.  He started Movemo to motivate and teach those doing important work that taking care of one’s health will only fuel their ability to serve others.  In addition to running Movemo, Kevin is part of the founding team of a non profit called Education Kindling that creates meaningful learning experiences by bringing education technology to the children, classrooms and communities across the Philippines.  He also maintains a series on Care2′s Trailblazers For Good blog that highlights and interviews the leading minds in the social enterprise space.  He loves reading, volunteering, and coffee.

Matt Bukirin – A public servant, CPT and game-changer, Matt is driven to helping empower remarkable people by elevating their health and fitness game. After spending years learning how to balance his wellness with his public service work he joined the Movemo team so that he could help others do the same. When he’s not working on fun and meaningful ways to elevate wellness in others, Matt works on transportation projects as a Senior Analyst at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget. He trains in MMA, currently Muay Thai (The Wat NYC – Kru Phil Nurse) and has a background in wrestling and brazilian jiu jitsu.



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