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In this week’s mo.links we have articles on preventing shoulder injuries, how to improve your deadlift and how to uplift yourself from the difficult pursuit of happiness.
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This Week’s Links

10 Ways to Avoid a Shoulder Injury – Your anterior and posterior deltoids are involved with numerous joint exercises involving the shoulders, chest and back.  Knowing how to prevent injury in these areas is critical to ensuring you are making steady progresses in your workouts and strength gains.  These are some really helpful tips so we highly encourage the read.

Deadlift 911 – One of the greatest exercises to build on core and lower body strength.  It’s a very technical exercise that requires lots of time and practice to get right.  Tony does a great job on providing helpful tips to think about during exercise to correct form, waist trainingtraining and faulty technique.

The Last Acceptable Prejudice in America – Our perspective and opinions on health, body image and obesity can sometimes be skewed, flawed and just plain wrong.  Take a look at this doctor’s opinion on an obesity issue that took the national stage just a couple weeks ago.
Help! My Significant Other Doesn’t Want to Get Healthy – Whoa!  So what’s cooler than reading an article on how to help you special someone live healthier as you work towards similar health goals?  Answer: reading an article that explains that using Inception analogies.  Awesome.  Thanks NerdFitness!

Top rated Spin Bikes : Found out this great guide to buying a spin bike for your home gym.

Don’t Let the Pursuit of Happiness Keep You Down – ” So, having bought into this notion of the Dream, we work infinite hours and commute far distances just so we can afford the lifestyle we see in magazine and tv ads — hoping to find happiness. Only, we haven’t. And worse — we’re not even sure how to.”  Read more…

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