Fit For Foster Care – A Movemo Fundraiser For New Yorkers For Children


Two years ago, movemo was founded to help others move more and stay healthy so they can continue to move the world.  We’re still working our butts off to make sure that happens, one small victory at a time .

From February to March, Movemo Fitness partnered with New Yorkers for Children. Can you imagine growing up without a parent or guardian’s love or guidance? The majority of us are fortunate  to have that support, but a small percentage of the nation’s children don’t even have one parent or guardian to guide them. That percentage translates to thousands of homeless and uncared for children. Thanks to child advocate communities like New Yorkers for Children they provide the care and even the resources for these children to be able citizens. It is also ensured that kids get a nice little present and lots of wishes on their birthday.

Through our partnership, we offered fitness classes at JKM Fitness Studio and gave our friends, family and community a great reason to stay fit and make an impact in the lives of New York’s foster children.  The proceeds we collected from our fitness classes went to programs implemented by New Yorker’s for Children.  These programs open the door for foster children to have the opportunities that any other child would have access to.  After teaching eight fitness classes and helping 70+ friends and family become a little fitter, we fund raised nearly $600 for New Yorkers for Children.

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