Partner Core Exercises


These days I find myself frequently working out with a friend or two at the gym.  Not only does it make it more fun but working out with a partner can open your workout to more challenging exercises, especially your core.  Here are a few different core exercises that you can do with a partner.

Partner Leg Lift Pushes

Lie on the ground with arms and legs fully extended.  Using a dumbbell weight overhead as an anchor, grab on as you lift your legs straight up.  At the top of the leg lift the partner that’s standing will catch the top of your feet or ankles and push them back down.  Resist to keep your feet from touching the ground and lift back up to repeat.

Leg Lift Hip Ups


Similar to the leg lift pushes, grab onto the dumbbell weight as an anchor and raise your legs straight up.  At the end of the leg lift, concentrate on lifting up your hips a couple inches off the ground as your shoes

Catch and Throw Sit-Ups

Sitting on the ground in a sit-up position, anchor your feet underneath a weight or set of dumbbells.  Your other partner sits 3-4 feet away and tosses a medicine ball at you.  Catch the ball and sit back and up resisting the momentum of the medicine ball.  Once you’ve sat back up push throw the ball back to your partner and repeat.

Medicine Ball Side to Side Sit-ups

Again in a sit-up position, perform side to side sit-ups as your partner hands off to you a medicine ball.  Alternate between body weight sit-ups and weighted sit-ups to add some extra pressure on your rotary core.

Those are a few for now.  Try them out with a friend and let us know what you think.  And thanks to Mansour Jammal for being such a great training partner!

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