The 2-Minute Movemo Circuit Challenge


Here’s a quick 2 minute circuit for all you amazing people on the go and working hard to move the world.  Cycle through the circuit 4-5 times with 1 minutes rest.  Couple it with a quick 10-20 minute run and you got yourself a short 30 minute workout.  Enjoy!

The 2-Minute Movemo Circuit Challenge

1)      10 Bunny Hops – Short and quick.  Squat down to the ground and make some quick hops to stretch and work out your calves.

2)      10 Jump Squats – Immediately progress from the bunny hops to the jump squats.  Try to jump as high as you can while lowering yourself down to where your knee joint just breaks a 90 degree angle.  Don’t forget to keep a neutral back (don’t flex or over extend your spine!) and tight stomach. (Muscle group: glutes and quadriceps)

3)      10 Front Plate Lifts – If you have a dumbbell or weighted plates, grab them and pull them straight up.  Keep your back neutral and arms straight.  Try not to use your hips and legs for momentum to swing the weight up.  (Muscle group: anterior deltoid, biceps)

4)      10 Overhead Presses – With the same weight immediately progress to an overhead press by pushing the weight straight over head ten times.  Again try not to use your hips and legs for momentum – this one should really start getting your arms tired.  (Muscle group: deltoids and biceps)

5)      10 Weighted Leg Lifts – Using the same weight, transition to a lying position on the floor or a flat bench.  Keep the weight posted above your chest while you pull your legs up for straight leg lifts.  At the end of each lift, try lifting your hips a couple inches off the ground for some extra flexion (Muscle group: quadriceps and abdominals)

6)      10 Planking Side Knee Highs – Place the weight to the side and get into a planking position.  Remember to keep you back and neck neutral (the back of your heads and your back should form a straight line).  Switch off from side to side as you lift one knee sideways to your torso as high as you can get.  (Muscle group: external obliques)


This is a complex circuit so each exercise should transition immediately after one another.  Try this out and let us know what you think!

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