My Love Affair…With Fitness


(Photo above: P.S. We’ve been bicep kissing WAY before Kaepernicking…)

Your eyes meet. They flash that smile. You feel your heart race.

Remember your first crush? Remember the spark of adrenaline when you were with them? Remember the way you wanted to know everything about them? The way you couldn’t wait to talk to them? The way you wanted to spend everyday with them? Yeah, you do.

There is this ingrained formula we tend to follow when creating relationships. The initial introduction. The excitement of meeting someone new. The general enjoyment of being in their presence. The continual involvement to be in their presence. Finally, you get to the point where they begin to be part of your everyday life.

When we like someone, it’s human nature to want to know everything and anything about them. When we enjoy our time with someone we try to incorporate them in all that we do. The relationship then becomes hard to hide and the want to share how awesome they are and how awesome you feel when you’re with them becomes the hot topic in every conversation.

I found this same formula apparent in my “relationship” with fitness.

Yeah, you can say it. I had a fitness love affair.

I met fitness during an enlightening part of my life. I was rediscovering myself and exploring different avenues to channel my energy. Fitness was there to comfort me. The more I involved myself with fitness the more I realized small changes in the way I perceived and lived my life. I was happier, more energetic and motivated to take on challenges.

However,  most people enter their fitness relationship skipping the general enjoyment part. They often associate fitness as this obligation they have to do in order to live a certain life or look a certain way. We read magazines and blogs about how fitness is a lifestyle. And in order for fitness to become part of our “lifestyle”, we need to incorporate it into our everyday routine. I guess this is the part where fitness becomes a little daunting. Just like any other, commitment is often the telling factor of a relationship’s endurance. And to most, the thought of measuring our commitment is a bit scary. Will I be good enough? Can I actually do this? Will I be really happy? Am I doing this for the right reasons?

For me, my commitment to fitness was found through the discovery of self worth. I realized that when my body was healthy I was healthy. So making the commitment to fitness came naturally. Now I realize that’s not the case for everyone. But if we take a step back and truely ask ourselves what commitment to fitness means to us, what it stands for in our lives, then we can begin aligning our fitness goals to our lifestyle.

Guest Post Submitted by Michelle Dela Cru

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