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In this week’s mo.links we have articles on glute workouts, video game work outs (yea that’s right!), helpful fitness gift buying tips and more.


This Week’s Links

Burn Off that Pie – Stair Workout
Looking for a new workout that you can do in your apartment building without going to the gym?  Here’s an intense stair workout from Art of Manliness.  Try this one out if your short on time, want to build on your butt and glutes, too cold to workout outside or all of the above.

How to Buy Fitness Gifts without Getting them Mad
I’m all about giving the gift of fitness to friends and family over the holidays, but sometimes it can be a little tricky because you don’t want them to get angry.  Fortunately, there are folks like Lisa Johnson that have thought this through and have had good experience with fitness gift giving.

The Greatest Workout Ever Created
Okay, so I won’t claim it was THE best workout ever created, but it certainly seems like the best nerd and video gamer workout every created.  Nerd Fitness has just taken one of the all-time classic video game cheat codes and created an simply body weight workout.  Try it out and re-live your nerdy childhood while integrating it with a life of fitness and exercise.  Kudos Nerd Fitness – kudos!

Gluten Explained
Over the past couple years I’ve been seeing more and more gluten-free products but never understood what it was and why so many people’s body reacted poorly against gluten in their diet.  This quick summary from Better Health Innovations helps break it down.  For example, did you know that about 1 in a 100 people have celiac disease which reject gluten in their intestine?

Keiser M3 plus

Want to really amp up your daily cardio workout? Keiser M3 Plus is our top recommendation. It’s a beast when it comes to indoor exercise bikes.

9 Ways to Do Cardio
…That suck slightly less than most forms of cardio.  Hey, I didn’t choose the title but it’s a great read on different choices to work on your cardiovascular health.  You don’t always have to run on a treadmill or go for an hour long run to get a good cardio workout.  Check out this list compiled by John Romanielo.  I integrate a few of these in my weekly workouts and they definitely keep me balanced while diversifying my workout routine.

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