Your Daily Workout Might Not Be Enough a New Study Finds

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Your Daily Workout Might Not Be Enough a New Study Finds

A study finds that even your daily workout might not be enough to combat the health risks of your sedentary lifestyle. 

What: In a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, Australian researchers followed 222,497 individuals aged 45 or over for an average of three years, during which time 5,405 people died. The study was to determine the effect of prolonged sitting on health risks.

Results: Researchers found that even independent of exercise prolonged sitting is a risk factor for all cause mortality.  Basically, it doesn’t matter if you workout one hour a day, if the other 23 hours  are spent sitting, the evidence suggests that you’ll increase the risk of death.

So What:  I guess this goes without saying, move more.  Find ways to make what you do more mobile, so whether that’s walking around the office during your next meeting, or making it a point to walk about every hour or so, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it.

How to you inject small bouts of movement in your daily life?

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